About Us

About us

Family orientated Clinic

We at Nayland dental and Cosmetic Clinic understand the different needs of both children and adults. It is our policy to offer a professional range of dental services for children and adults alike in a friendly environment.We have extensive experience working with children and always try to make their dental experience as enjoyable as possible. Let's face it - the dentist is no one's idea of a good time - especially kids. The first visit to a dentist is a very impressionable one, that's why we go out of our way to turn fear into fun, and alleviate insecurity in your children from the very first visit. We make it our goal to leave your children with a positive first impression so that they will look forward to coming back, time after time. Our policy is to see children for a free examination subject to parent(s) being fee-paying patients of the practice, up to the age of 16. All other treatments will be paid for at a reduced rate.

Caring, Friendly and Professional Team

People choose us here at Nayland Dental and Cosmetic Clinic for an array of reasons, but it is the strong, trusting, friendly and compassionate relationship that we develop that keeps them coming back to us for all of their dental needs. We promise to listen to every patient's needs and concerns and deliver a level of high class dentistry in a relaxing and comfortable environment. We pride ourselves in the level of care we provide.

Mr Figaji and his team offer a wide range of treatments from general dentistry to cosmetic and facial aesthetic treatments. These include teeth whitening, wrinkle reduction and dermal fillers. We will always take the time to discuss and explain your needs and requirements before undertaking any treatment. All of our staff are registered with the General Dental Council.

Extensive Advanced Education & Training

Mr Figaji wants you to be confident knowing he has a team of highly trained and skilled clinicians and auxillary staff. At Nayland Dental and Cosmetic Clinic we pride ourselves in providing the care you need to keep you smiling.

We are committed to continuing professional development and education. The entire team regularly attend national and international dental and cosmetic lectures, meetings, and dental conventions and we pride ourselves on our commitment to stay informed of new techniques, the latest products, and the newest equipment.

Sterilisation & Hygiene

In the interests of both our patients and staff we rigidly follow and exceed all the recommended guidelines with respect to cross infection control and sterilisation.

Our Commitment

It is our policy to provide a friendly service for the whole family. With our state of the art surgeries we always aim to offer our patients the best possible treatment available. We are committed to constantly improve the service we offer, so we always encourage patients to let us know when we have done something well or if there are any suggestions as to how we can do things better. To facilitate this, Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires are available in Reception.

We encourage our patients to play an active role in their treatment and thereby be the most important member of the dental team.

Digital X-Ray System

We have installed the ‘Digora Optime II' digital x-ray system at Nayland Dental and Cosmetic Clinic. Integrated to our computer network it has revolutionised our radiography and brings us into the 21st Century.

Some of the advantages of our Digora Optime II digital x-ray system are:

  • No waiting for x-ray films to be manually developed – pictures will appear within a few seconds! We can easily identify and show you the problem!
  • Clients no longer have to phone in or be delayed waiting for x-ray results
  • Patients are exposed to reduced radiation
  • X-ray images can be electronically manipulated in order to enhance the diagnostic ability
  • Less delay from lost x-rays as images are now filed electronically
  • Improved picture quality
  • The x-ray images can be printed or even emailed when referring patients to specialists
  • No more developing process which was often a source of inconsistency or errors
  • Reduced environmental impact

We will always endeavour to minimise our patients’ exposure to x-rays and only take them when it is absolutely necessary or the benefits outweigh any potential risks.

Using X-rays gives us the ability to recognise problems very early, often before a lesion is visible to the naked eye or before a tooth becomes painful. Treatment is likely to not be as extensive and should be less costly.

As part of our commitment to keep up to date with industry improvements and changes, our Digora Optime II digital x-ray system is state-of-the-art.