All dental and cosmetic treatments are carried out privately. It is our policy to give patients a complete cost breakdown before any treatment is undertaken. We do not offer any treatment under the NHS.

Dental Guide
Clinical Examination and Assessment (Excludes x-rays) £49.00 *
Child Examination under 16 £19.50
Fluoride Application £7.50
Simple Scale & Polish £55.00
Simple Scale and Polish & Air Flow Polish for Stain Removal £65.00
Air Flow Polish for Extensive Staining £40.00
Scale & Polish with Topical Anaesthetic (Oraquix) £55.00
Scale & Polish with Local Anaesthetic £60.00
Extensive Sub-Gingival Cleaning per Sextant From £75.00
Small Digital X-rays £7.97 *
Fissure Sealant £17.50
Composite White Fillings From £94.00
Primary Tooth Fillings £24.50
Root Canal Treatment £320 - £550
Extraction (per tooth) £90 - £125 
Simple Extraction From £90.00
Surgical/Complex Extraction From £110.00
Porcelain Veneers From £495.00
Full Gold Crown From £450.00 (gold price dependant)
Porcelain Bonded to Precious Metal Crown From £475.00
Full Ceramic Crown From £475.00
Recement crown £39.00
Night Bite Appliance £79.95
Sports Gum shields From £44.95
Sci — Clenching Appliance £299
Emergency Appointments £49
General Consultation £49
Out-of-Hours Call Out Fee £125
Denture Guide
Full Upper or Lower Acrylic Dentures From £475.00
Full Upper and Lower Acrylic From £895.00
Full Upper or Lower Chrome From £800.00
Partial Chrome Dentures From £900.00
Partial Acrylic Dentures From £450.00
Partial Flexible Dentures From £750.00
Simple Denture Repair (Acrylic) £65.00
Denture Reline £70.00
Denture Addition of Tooth (Acrylic) £75.00
Denture Addition of Clasp (Acrylic) £75.00
Tooth Whitening
Home Whitening Kit £199
Smilelign Fee Guide
Smilelign Consultation £39.00 (included if case processes to planning)
Smilelign Planning (includes Pre-Aligners) £225
Smilelign Treatment from £1995
Sleepwell (Anti snoring device) £375
Facial Rejuvenation
Dermal Fillers (per syringe) from £280
Juvederm Voluma £280
Lip Outline/Augmentation £280
Botox One Area (Wrinkle Softening) £200
Botox Two Areas £225
Botox Three Areas £249
* from 1st September 2018

Please be aware prices may vary. Make sure you agree the cost before your treatment starts. The cost is usually based on the time you spend in the surgery, the work being done and the types of materials used. Always get a written treatment plan and an estimate of charges beforehand. Patients may pay for their treatments by Cash, Cheque (supported by a cheque guarantee card) or Credit/Debit Card. Our normal clinic policy is that patients are asked to pay a proportion of the costs prior to or at the end of each visit. Patients may also join our private dental care scheme for a modest monthly payment. Please ask for details.

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