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The Simply Skin Salon at Nayland Dental & Cosmetic Clinic

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With over 20 years’ experience I can offer you extensive knowledge in all aspects of skin care, beauty and hair removal for both Men and Women.

We will discuss all of your skin concerns, jargon free and work out what it is your skin really needs. It’s not all about lotions and potions, it’s about,

  • Balancing your skin and allowing it to function with ease,
  • Calming inflammation and dryness,
  • Reducing spots and blocked pores,
  • Visibly boosting and renewing the skin deep down
  • Gaining a long term healthy complexion.

All of our treatments are prescriptive and bespoke to you, using Nimue Skin Technology to balance our skin, Agera Medical for vitamin C and Salicylic peels, Skeyndor for their Derma peel, plus blending and highly concentrated vitamin cocktails for Mesotherapy and Skin Needling – Collagen Induction Therapy.

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Specialising in non-strip wax (hot wax) method of waxing again for both Men and Women, this helps to reduce ingrown hair problems associated with normal strip waxing. The ‘hot wax’ shrink wraps around the hair as it cools rather than sticking to the skin and hair, so it’s just the hair that is removed and the skin is not distorted, causing less discomfort to you, especially when used in the more sensitive and personal areas of the body.

Electrolysis is still the only method of permanent hair removal, and with the Apilus electrolysis machine, it reduces discomfort allowing the area to be treated more frequently and the problem resolved in fewer treatments. With no scaring or damage to the skin, electrolysis works on all hair types and colours. Multiple treatments are required on a regular basis, but once the hair is destroyed it cannot come back.

It would be lovely to see you at Simply Skin, so please give me a call on 01206 530 259.

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