Smilelign invisible braces

‘Smile and the whole World smiles with you’ at Nayland Dental and Cosmetic Clinic.

Smilelign is an invisible brace that can straighten teeth that are overlapping, crooked or ‘gappy’. Smilelign uses a variety of clear braces to correct your smile. Generally clear positioners are used that are thin and medical grade plastic. Your teeth are gently moved from their present position to your desired position. They are comfortable and removable so you can take them out for social occasions.

Whether in your working life or when you are out with friends, a great smile boosts confidence, makes you feel happier and often creates a good first impression. Smilelign can give you the smile you want, without the use of ugly metal train track braces. Smilelign is virtually invisible, requires no long visits to the orthodontists and is easy to use. Just a set of clear retainers can make all the difference.

Smilelign – the clear choice for a better smile

At Nayland Dental and Cosmetic Clinic we have partnered with Smilelign, a pioneering orthodontic planning system which integrates the latest software and 3D CADCAM technology to enable experienced technicians to produce effective tooth alignment treatment plans. Smilelign laboratory then use the highest quality materials, providing the clearest, most effective orthodontic aligners in order to deliver outstanding and predictable results.

Your treatment with Smilelign at Nayland Dental and Cosmetic Clinic

Smilelign treatment starts with a routine examination of your teeth. If suitable then we will also take moulds. These moulds are scanned in the Smilelign laboratory and 3D images are produced. The 3D image of your teeth is assessed and a treatment plan made specifically for you. We will discuss each stage of treatment with Smilelign technicians before a series of aligners are tailor made just for you. Each aligner is minutely different, moving your teeth in gradual stages to their new position. Treatment can be really quick, dependent on your case, 6-12 months is a realistic time.

Speak to us today at Nayland Dental Clinic to see if Smilelign can give you that smile you desire.

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